Crystal grab bags by Crystals By Diane, your one-stop shop for any crystal lover. You get a variety of quality healing crystals, possibly including items such as; small crystal carvings, a tower or sphere, or both, raw and tumbled stones, tarot cards or oracle cards, a pendulum, pendulum mat or board, crystal spoon, a crystal money tree, and more. Diane, a solo entrepreneur, buys quality crystals in bulk from around the world to bring you a nice variety in each bag. Order my grab bags below, and consider a monthly subscription for Crystal Grab Bags. Just $30 a month. Every bag is unique and one-of-a-kind I’m very generous with what I put into my grab bags. FREE shipping within the USA.

Inventory Reduction SALE

Diane is downsizing her $30,000 inventory at Crystals By Diane shop, so she can focus on selling her crystal grab bags here online. She is selling WHOLESALE Healing Crystals Bundles here through her website to sell off the inventory that she no longer needs. She’s closing her brick & mortar shop. Each bundle includes a variety of quality healing crystals, such as, towers, spheres, crystal money trees, large carvings, tarot cards and oracle cards, raw and tumbled stones, and other metaphysical products.

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My wholesale crystal bundles are perfect for anyone looking to make money selling crystals, tarot cards, and other metaphysical products. Start a crystals shop online or a brick & mortar metaphysical shop.

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crystal grab bags

Crystal Grab Bags

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crystal grab bags

Monthly Subscription Crystals Grab Bag $30

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Wholesale Crystal Bundles

Choose from $100 to $500 Bundles

FREE shipping within the USA only.

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